3 Signs Your Child Needs to See a ENT Specialist


As a parent, you want to make sure your child is given the best care possible. But it can be hard to know if your little one needs medical attention if they're too young or unable to speak up for themselves. As such, here are some signs that indicate it might be time to take your child in for a hearing test appointment with an ENT specialist.

Lack of response to environmental sounds

Your child may be unable to respond to environmental sounds in a way that is appropriate for someone their age. For example, they do not seem to notice when you enter the room or do not respond to your call for dinner until you get far louder than necessary. It is normal for young children to be startled by loud noises. Even older children should react in some way such as raising their hands over their heads or jumping when they hear an unexpected noise. If your child does not startle when they hear a loud crashing sound or some other disturbance, this is a strong indication they need to visit an audiologist. An audiologist can help determine whether or not there is a hearing problem so your child can receive the appropriate treatment.

Poverty of speech

Most children are starting to construct basic sentences which include a noun and a verb by the time they are two years old, although this age can vary. If your child is not talking by the time they reach two years of age or is only able to say a few words, it may be time for a hearing test. Children learn language by hearing others speak it. If your child has a hearing problem, this could be the cause of delayed language acquisition.

Stumbling and falling

It can be difficult to determine whether your child is unsteady because of a hearing problem or if they are simply clumsy. However, if your little one is constantly tripping or falling over things, this could be a sign of hearing issues. The bones in the ear help the brain to balance the body so repeated falls could be a sign that you need to visit an audiologist.

If you would like further advice and information, you should reach out to an ENT specialist today. They will be happy to discuss your concerns and, if necessary, they can book your child in for a hearing test. Contact an ENT specialist for more information regarding hearing tests.


12 May 2021

A Guide to ENT Treatments

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